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purAmerican Literature
oraAmerican Literature Sites
blueAnton Chekhov --Stories Online

yelChance A Tale In Two Parts-Joesph Conrad
BLUeBooks Around the World

yelEdgar Alan Poe
purEnglish Literature
yelFolk and Myth Legends
BLUGraham Green
oraGreat Writers and Poets
Indigenous People
blueJoseph Conrad
greNobel Peace Prize Winners
Russian Poetry for Kids
The Caldecott Medal Awards
The Online Books
The Newberry Award Winning Books
The Network of Literature
The Texas Blue Bonnet Books
The Scarlet Letter
The Wager
yel West European Literature
World- Languages Online


pur Comma Rules
Complex Sentences Review
greDouble Negatives a No No
yelEffective Writing

blueEnglish Club
greEnglish Writing Lessons
yelFind the Homonyms
purHomonyms List
yelGrammar and Style
BLU Grammar Rules
oraGrammar Slammer
greList of Adjectives
ora Match The Homonyms
blueMatch the Synonyms
yelPurdue Resources
BLUPutting Sentences Together
Subject and Verb Agreement
Synonym Activity Center
Ten Minute Tour of Complex Sentences
The Blue Book of Grammar
pinThe Common Prepositions
pur The Five Paragraph Essays
ora The Nuts and Bolts of English
The Writing Center
Tips-omatic - Paragraph- Essays
blue Vocabulary Building


yelAnimal Dictionary
BLUAnimal Dictionary
blueArt Dictionary
greChinese Almanac
yelDictionary of Events, Places and in Canadian History
purDictionary Tool Bar
yelEncyclopedia for Kids
BLUEnglish Timeline
oraEnglish Vocabulary Guide
greFacts and More Science Facts
oraFact Sea Monster Almanac
blueFarmers Almanac
oraField Trips on the Weather Superhighway
purHebrew Picture Dictionary
yelHistory Dictionary
BLULaw Dictionary
gre Medical Dictionary
blue Picture Dictionary
yel Reference Yahoo Encyclopedia for Kids
pur Spanish English Picture Dictionary
yelThe English to French Dictionary
pur The Internet Public Library
oraThesaurus for Kids
gre Visual Dictionary

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