2013 Texas Capitol Schoolhouse



Texas Capitol Building

Basement Rotunda

Monday February 4, 2013

8a.m. - 3p.m.

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The Texas Capitol Schoolhouse is a legislative event to give students and teachers from across the state of Texas the opportunity to showcase how technology is being used to improve public schools. The goal of the even is to provide information for legislators, other state leaders, and the general public about how the most advanced technologies and best practices are improving the way teachers teach and students learn!

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Schoolhouse Theme: Digital Learning Days -Everyday of the School Year

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2013 Participants

star Amarillo ISD starColeman ISD starCoppell ISD starDenton ISD starDel Valle ISD

starEast Austin College Prep starIrving ISD starKlein ISD starPasadena Virtual School

starSan Saba ISD starTexas School for the Deaf starTexas Virtual Academy starYsleta ISD

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Congratulations, and thank you, for being a part of the 2013 Texas Capitol Schoolhouse! The Capitol Schoolhouse is legislative and educational event that is a staple at the capitol. Legislators and educational leaders look forward to seeing how digital learning is improving the quality of education in Texas. We at the Texas Capitol Schoolhouse look forward to another successful event where school students from across the state can come together to highlight the many ways that schools are using technology to improve teaching and learning.

Texas is one of the leading states in the nation in terms of financial support for educational technology, due to a large degree by the continuing efforts of the Texas Legislature and other state agencies. The students who participate in the Schoolhouse provide a very powerful message on the educational benefits of past and future technology expenditures.

The Schoolhouse is a very dynamic environment and provides participants a variety of activities ranging from independent and group school work, to presentations and discussions with state leaders, or other experiences around the Texas Capitol. Because of the importance of the work being done by Legislators and the uncertainty of schedules for Capitol events, it is essential that Schoolhouse participants be flexible and able to work responsibly under the supervision of their school sponsor.


The goals for the Capitol Schoolhouse are to:

(1) Expose state leaders to the best practices and potential of educational technologies,

(2) Reinforce the ongoing funding commitment for educational technologies, and

(3) Provide a rich educational experience for schoolhouse participants.

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Texas Capitol Schoolhouse 2013

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